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Welcome back to Room 2’s blog!    
It’s Hana and Ilo again! We are back with more awesome news starting of with Cook Islands language Week!

We celebrated Cook Islands language week for 3 days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Day 1: Monday..                              Raising of the flag ceremony was held to open our language week. We were blessed with the presence of our Cook Islands community who came to support.  The whole school sang a song in Cook Islands Maori called “Aroa mai te Atua iaku; My God loves me.” Timothy was chosen to pull the flag and he did a great job timing it well until the end of the national anthem. After raising of the flag, the whole school made their way to the hall for assembly.  Our manuiri (visitors) received a guard of honour by Waka Ahukura chanting “Tuoro, Tuoro ia ra” (Welcome, welcome all). Then Miss Johnson danced our visitors in with Whaea Terangi leading them to their seats. It was an amazing day to start our week.  
Day 1 done and dusted!

Day 2: WEDNESDAY - EXPO DAY                          
A lot of activities was set up for us to learn and enjoy! Room 2 students was assigned to monitor each stations. There were 8 stations all together!
Station 1: Greetings/Welcoming the classes with an activity task card to do
Station 2: Weavings - making windmill fans, sunglasses, mats, balls, headbands, etc using palm leaves
Station 3: Making a headpiece (ei katu) with rauti leaves (cordyline fruticosa)
Station 4: Making bracelets from flowers and straws
Station 5: Carvings
Station 6: Tivaevae (Cook Islands traditional quilts)
Station 7: Artefacts and Music
Station 8: Food (what yummy donuts that was)

Waka Ahuru was the first to come in at 1st block.  Followed by Te Moananui a Kiwa, and lastly, Waka Ahurukura.  All classes had lots of fun during their sessions. We are so proud of ourselves because every time a class leaves, we see lots of smiles on their face and during that time we hope they had learnt something from the Cook Islands expo! Day 2 over!

Day 3: FRIYAY..
 Awesome teachers who worked really hard to ensure we have an amazing Cook Islands Language week.

 During this day we had a fashion show, a talent show and a closing ceremonial dance/assembly.
Here’s some stunning models wearing TAV clothing proudly sponsored by TAV Pacific.
Manea right!

Aren't they the cutest!

Felicia George former Miss Cook Islands 2015 came to support and brought these beautiful TAV clothing that Cook Islanders and other people wear for formal functions. We are so lucky!
Meitaki Ma'ata Felicia & TAV Pacific

Talent Show
Room 11 with their item head, shoulders knees and toes sung in Cook Islands "Kua mako!
"Manea tikai" Beautiful dancing from Room 9
Unfortunately we did not have photos taken for rooms 1 and 2's talent show "Kare manamanata" No worries be happy.

Lastly, girls from room 2 did a dance for the closing ceremony.
That was our journey through the Cook Islands. What a fun filled week. I e e koko!
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Tuesday 14th: Inter School Netball Tournament
Wednesday 15th: Teachers Strike

Thank you for reading our blog for week 2. Stay tuned!

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Monday, 23 July 2018

Kia orana, Talofa lava, Tena koutou katoa.

Welcome back! Hope you all had an amazing holiday. Lovely to see the Mighty Room 2 Champion back in class.


Upcoming Events Term 3 Language Weeks
Cook Islands


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Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa, Malo e lelei, Bula, Fakalofa lahi atu & Greetings to you ALL.

Yay! Welcome to our 1st class Blog.

We would like to share some of the HIGHLIGHTS Room two was up 2 in Week 1.

Warming up our bodies & Waking up our minds ready for Learning

PB4L Positive Behaviour for Learning
We have been learning about our values G.I.V.E.S to refreshen our memories as our minds were still buzzing on holiday mode.
Guardianship - Integrity - Vigilance - Empathy - Success

Champion choices
Rhea, Rangimarie and Sophia presented their champion choices poster from Term 1.  Well done girls for demonstrating guardianship and success.
Rhea's champion is her Brother

Rangimarie's champion is her hardworking mum
Sophia's champion is her beautiful mum

Related image
Shared reading “The tree hut treaty” gave us a deeper understanding of the main message, who the characters were, what was the purpose of the treaty, new information Treaty of Waitangi is about, and how we can create their own classroom treaty to remind us and guide us daily in our learning.

Champion choices options started up this week!

Homai GIVES Back
Cook islands arts, Crafts & culture
Aboriginal art
Art history
Homemade beauty items
Maori art & designs
Hardware Materials
Hey whanau come along and see for yourself what your beautiful children are learning at champion choices.


TM 2 Topic: Citizenship
Our choices impact our future...what footprint do you want to leave?

Talofa my name is Hanaliyah Sifaala and  I’m Letauilo Faamausili. We are from Room 2 and this week, we have been learning about “Citizenship”. Things that are related to “Citizenship” are: Homelessness and Housing problems in our Manurewa community.

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What is citizenship?
the position or status of being a citizen of a particular country. However, citizenship is about being good, meaning helping people, especially the homeless in our community.
Now onto the first topic:
What is Homeless?
(Of a person) Without a home, and therefore typically living on the streets.
How do people become homeless?
Many homeless people start out with jobs and stable residences, but then social and `economic factors intervene, causing a rapid change in their living situations. The two biggest factors driving homelessness are poverty and the lack of affordable housing.

Now Letauilo and I found some news which might be shocking so we’re gonna show you…
News: Homeless man found dead outside Manurewa Methodist Church. Beverley Losefa describes the sadness of finding a person who died alone.
A homeless man has been found dead, huddled under his sleepingbag at the back of the church- the 2nd known such death of a homeless person in 2 weeks as a popular blast grips the nation.

The man was found on Tuesday morning as `Manurewa Methodist Church set up it’s weekly soup kitchen for the homeless.
Manurewa mum Beverley Losefa who organises the soup kitchen, thought he was sleeping in. But when they served  the first cup of tea, he still hadn’t risen up, so she became worried.

Police were called and confirmed the man died. Losefa was heartbroken to see the man die without his family. The whole church was crying especially the priest. The man's nickname was Kingi. And the police sergeant scott Dixon from counties manukau said that officers has found out that he was a 59 year old man.

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Auckland's housing supply and affordability crisis is proving devilishly hard to fix, partly because the high prices that should help solve the problem have found at least 5 ways to make the problem worse.
 *(problem 1)
    They rose too fast and it’s too risky to
    Build now.
  *(problem 2)
  They rose to fast and it’s to risky for
   Banks to lend right now.
  *(problem 3)
     They rose to fast and it’s to risky for
      1st home buyers to be able to afford to buy.
*(problem 4)
           Housing costs are too high for
           Construction workers to be able to
            Afford to live and work in Auckland.
*(problem 5)
 High housing costs have degraded the
quality and number of potential home builders.

Rendered Image
The hard concrete step where the man was found. Photo / Sarah Harris

Thank you for reading our story By: Letauilo & Hanaliyah

Stay in tune for more updates
Kia manuia


WEEK 2 Welcome back to Room 2’s blog!     It’s Hana and Ilo again! We are back with more awesome news starting of with Cook Islands l...